• Samuel Brod

The 62ish day check-in

Wow - time does fly! Two months in and how am I fairing?

Well. Onboarding has certainly been an adroitly managed process, training and billable work have segued into one another rather smoothly.

And that’s been a relief. This is the first fully remote role I’ve taken on and I had some concerns:

  • ­ How would my training play out?

  • ­ Would I get on with the team?

  • ­ What is the etiquette when all interaction with your new work colleagues is through a screen?

  • (I mean.. are trousers strictly necessary when no one is ever going to see below your torso?)

These fears have been banished. David is a heroically patient mentor and Bria - when she appears in a flash of PowerPoint presentations and marketing wisdom - a deep font of industry knowledge. We talk regularly (I’ve opted to wear trousers for the time being) and I’ve never felt cast adrift.

It is gratifying that a genuine effort is being made to develop my skills and interests at Beyond Science. David seems happy to indulge my childlike enthusiasm for all things data-viz and I’ve already been signed up for more advanced training on infographic design.

And of course, I am busy!

Over this month and a half, I’ve tackled briefs for:

Powerpoint presentations

Training documents

Conference articles

Reference packs

Meeting flyers

Video scripts


Style guides



….…you get the idea

So all in all it’s been a pleasantly intense start with Beyond Science.

And that suits me well because I’d always rather be busy than bored.

Samuel Brod, Medical Writer, purveyor of workplace freedom.


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